Monday, May 2, 2011

Official Unofficial Day 1

I know I haven't posted in a while but I hope to get back on the right track this week. With moving, house hunting, car shopping, daycare issues, and watching Fast Five, I've been swamped lately. Actually, it's been very frustrating because I am definitely a creature of habit. I like my daily routine, where I know roughly what to expect in the morning, day, evening, and night. And I've had no routine for a few weeks, and I'm getting crabby about it :-\

But that's ok, because tomorrow is officially the unofficial first day on the job!! I'm meeting with the lab coordinator to see that my lab is up spec. I move into a temporary office until my official office is complete. And I've got an appointment with SnowU's grant support staff to get started on some NSF grants.

I feel like I have the jr high to high school, day-before-first-day, new-guy-at-the-new-school jitters. Things will most likely go smoothly but I'm nervous nonetheless. Wish me luck!


  1. Have fun! I bet it'll feel pretty cool to have people calling you 'professor'. :-)

  2. Good luck! Enjoy summer once it finally makes it to SnowU!

  3. It's really weird to hear people call you "professor". In europe, you're only called professor when you're a full prof so I'm trying to stick with Dr. GEARS but that doesn't seem to be working out so far.