Monday, April 25, 2011

New Car(s) Dilemma

Test drove a new 2012 Civic Sedan. Drove nice, nice dealer but visibility is baaaad. I have to sit way back due to my height and the beam between the windshield and side windows is huge.

Also, I wanted to drive a Focus to see how it drove next to the Civic, but the dealer was a psycho. Never leave your real phone number on an internet car dealer form. They'll call you all the time. I'm scared to go into the lot.

Between an Outback and a Forrester, the Outback clearly wins. Getting a nifty rearview camera on it.

As for the second car, oddly enough it's tied between a Subaru Impreza or a Chevy Cruze (that's the odd one). The main tradeoff is a bigger engine and AWD in the Impreza vs gas mileage and cheaper sticker for the Cruze.

Any thoughts?


  1. I love my Subaru Outback. Lots and lots and lots. Given that it's SnowU, unless you have a commute that more than 20 miles, the Subaru will be worth it over the Cruze when winter comes.

    While you *can* drive a non-AWD, the Subaru just makes winters safer. When I bought my car, it was February, so I could deliberately drive up some of the worst roads. After watching friends and housemates struggle to get up some of the hills, I was very happy to find a used Outback in my price range.

    However, as a member of the cult of Subaru, I may be a bit biased...

  2. Also, if you can hold out until August(ish), the 2012 Subaru Impreza is supposed to have significantly better gas mileage (36 mpg highway, no reports on city).

  3. I'd keep trying to track down a 2012 Focus. They are supposed to be awesome, just to make sure you've covered your bases. After that it's got to be what you like best.

  4. Miss MSE, We went with a new outback and an 09 impreza. Basically, it was the same cost as a new Cruze, so that's a wash. But we'd rather have the AWD than the better gas mileage. Short commute to SnowU.

    FrauTech. Honestly, the look of it was a lot better than previous models and 40 MPG is nothing to scoff at. Plus, it had a similar price to the Cruze and Civic. But that dealership was crazy. I had no less than 10 emails and about 5 calls from them over 4 days (including the holiday weekend). Definitely sounded like "creepy mustache guy"