Friday, March 11, 2011

What a way to end the week

This week was a more difficult, and more productive than most weeks. This was highly unexpected because DrWife was traveling, leaving me to take care of NanoGEARS on my own. Hopefully this hasn't scarred her for life... I ended up being a workaholic, basically working from getting up in the morning until I went to sleep with the only time off spent taking care of NanoGEARS as needed. She was at daycare, so it's not as if I left her alone all day.

Any, I managed to get a paper out to our internal review committee. I don't suspect there's any problems with publishing and it should have no problem through peer review. Another paper that's out at peer review got positive comments back and I expect that to be accepted any day now. Combine that with a 3rd paper about 90% done and only last might formating editing left before internal review, and it was a pretty good week.

Oh, I'm not done yet!

If you've kept up this past week, I spent a decent amount of time bitching about Word, Powerpoint, and all things Office. Hopefully, I managed to give out some good advice along the way. But even more so, that conference proceedings which brought on the MS Word tirade and much twitter bitching (@profgears btw :-D ) is basically done. I'm pretty happy about that because NewPhD is getting some good experience writing publications. And we have enough measurements and results for a full publication, which is great.

But wait, there's more!

I talked to some potential students at SnowU and I think I've found my first student. Very excited about that. Along the way, I found a very good contact at SnowU for supporting my research in a unexpected place. Also, DrWife, who was visiting her new company, checked out SnowU and saw the work in progress on my lab. Time to get excited.

One last thing!

It's my Birthday tomorrow, so if you have some Balvenie Doublewood, I'll raise a glass to that. If not, anything from Rogue is great too. I could go for a Dead Guy or a Hazelnut Brown Nectar.


  1. The beer at SnowU is pretty good. I'm very thankful that one of my favorites has been canned and I can occasionally get a six-pack near GiantU.

  2. Good to hear. There's a nearby brewery with a seasonal that's mine and DrWife's favorite.