Thursday, January 27, 2011

T-minus 5 months and counting

Five months doesn’t seem like a long time but it is an eternity when you’re waiting to start a new position. At the same time, five months doesn’t seem long enough to prepare for everything that must be done. So why not blog about it?

The GEARS blog is about life as a PhD student transitioning to a young tenure track faculty member in engineering. Since there is time to spare before the big move, this blog will provide a real-time account of the preparation leading up to the start of the position. Afterwards, it’ll be a place to share insights into engineering academia and the hurdles of trying to get tenure.

If you’re a fellow faculty member reading this and you’re pulling your hair out because I did something stupid, please let me know. Any advice is appreciated. If you’re a grad student or postdoc reading this, hopefully it shed some light on what goes on during the trials of a tenure track position.


  1. Hi Gears, Welcome to the jungle.

    As much as you think you are prepared, think again. But don't worry about it. Enjoy your last few months before TT hits. There is almost no point in planning ahead. I was just in your position last year. Will you be at an R1 school? I haven't read all of your posts yet. Are you doing a short postdoc now or still finishing your Ph.D.?

  2. HaHa, Thanks.

    That's probably true, but I'm doing lab setup, talking with potential grad students, class and proposal prep, among other things. Hopefully, it won't all be a complete waste.

    I'm at a private R1 and defended/graduated in December 2010. I'm doing a short postdoc in the same group as where I did my PhD, basically writing papers and training a new graduate student.